Below are answers to the most common questions we’re asked.
How can I get a quote?

Our pricing is tailored to individual clients and therefore we don’t have a set price list we can quote you. Please email us at info@connect2accounting.com or call us on 01624 829617 to book an appointment to discuss your needs. 

I'm passing by your office - can I drop in?

We love nothing more than face to face meetings, however it would be really helpful if you could arrange an appointment beforehand as this ensures that the right person is available. You are welcome to drop off documents any time if you aren’t using our client portal.

what items should i bring to an initial meeting?

The initial meeting is more geared towards getting to know you and your business so anything you can bring to help achieve this would be appreciated. If the meeting is to cover tax/VAT services then please bring your latest tax/VAT returns and correspondence. Finally, if you can bring some valid ID (passport/driving licence) and proof of address then we can take copies there and then, speeding up the AML checks if you choose to engage with us.

do you do virtual meetings?

Of course. We are happy to have video calls instead of face to face meetings. We can use a host of different video call softwares such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Please email us at info@connect2accounting.com or call us on 01624 829617 to book an appointment.

Do you have parking?

There are various disc parking zones in close proximity to the office so parking should never be a problem.

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